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Non-Tasked Aerial Reconnaissance for the North Atlantic in 2001

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This page contains missions that usually have not been tasked by the National Hurricane Center. However, some missions into tropical cyclones do appear here, such as research missions. You will also find winter missions on this page.
Date Mission Identifier Agency Aircraft Product(s) Map
Nov. 5th Michelle03 AF Plane IconAF303 High Density, Dropsonde Non-Tasked Mission in Google Earth Cesium Logo

All times and dates on this page are in Zulu time.

Non-tasked Air Force missions, other than winter storm tracks, usually have a 15 digit number for an identifier. (and sometimes 11 digits) Sometimes they might drop a single sonde or two and have a few non-tropical RECCO messages. Long term, this data is likely less important than other data. Missions with an 11 or 15 digit identifier are automatically deleted after 21 days.