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Radar Imagery

This page contains a list of publicly available weather radar imagery worldwide.
Countries on this page are mostly organized by region according to how the United Nations defines geographic regions on the page here. (click the "Geographic Regions" tab on that page) This groups some countries that many consider to be in Europe into western Asia instead.

Tropical Globe's Database of Publicly Accessible Weather Radars

Our weather radar database map has been moved to its own page. You can click the image below to view it. Because the map uses a lot of memory, we decided to move the map to a new page.
Preview of our weather radar database map
Does the 3D option on our map not work? You may need to enable hardware acceleration or unblock your graphics card. Click here to learn more about how to adjust your browser's settings.

Our radar database contains over 1,600 radar sites from over 125 countries and territories. You can click a point on the map to access more information for a radar site, such as for a link that may contain data. For a complete listing of our radars, visit the page here.

Many of the radars in our database are from the WMO Radar Database. You can click the "About" link in the options panel on our map for more information.

United States Radars

Other North American Radars

South American Radars

European Radars

African Radars

Asian Radars

Oceanic Radars

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