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Welcome to Tropical Atlantic

Our site's features include a live reconnaissance system for hurricane hunter aircraft with live tracking in Google Earth and CesiumJS, hurricane models in Google Maps and Google Earth from NOAA and ECMWF, a recon archive, a model archive a radar database displayed on a map that shows the ranges of many publicly available weather radars and various links to hurricane related content.

Our site does not display data from the South Atlantic (south of the Equator), where there is no agency that has been officially designated by the World Meteorological Organization to issue advisories. The Brazilian Navy issues warnings and bulletins for that region, as well as uses names it chooses. You can learn more here.
The National Hurricane Center is the official hurricane forecast center for the North Atlantic basin. If you visit one site, their site is the place to go to get the latest official information. When a tropical feature has reached depression status, the front page will feature what you need to look at. Take a look at the "Public Advisory" which will appear on the front page under the heading of the tropical feature for easy to understand language. The site also features the forecast track for the storm and other products.
Have a hurricane plan.
Be ready.
A supplemental list is then used if all of the names in a season are used. This replaces the previous method of using the Greek alphabet. (the change was made in March 2021)
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