Sunday, August 14th, 2022 18:54 Z
This page contains Airborne Expendable Bathythermograph (AXBT) data. An AXBT is an expendable instrument that is dropped from an aircraft. Once an AXBT is in the water it drops a sensor deep into the water column measuring water temperature at various depths.

The data on this page is organized by day. The data for a particular day could come from anywhere in the basin. Only NOAA AXBT data appears here in real time. While most data here is also available in mission folders, data that could not be associated with a particular mission, or even data from missions that may have been deleted, will also appear here.
Day Warmest Sea Surface Temperature Deepest Depth of
26°C Isotherm
Deepest Depth Observation Count Map
3rd 27.13°C (80.8°F) 31.5 m (103 ft) 403.5 m (1,324 ft) 1 June 3rd, 2022 AXBT Data in Google Earth Cesium Logo

All times and dates on this page are in Zulu time.