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Tropical Atlantic Live Reconnaissance Decoder 
Decoded data from last 30 minutes: AF HDOB (URNT15) (2), AF Trop. RECCO (URNT11) (18), AF Vortex (URNT12) (16) (Minutes since ob are noted)

Product: Air Force Tropical RECCO Message (URNT11 KNHC)
Transmitted: 2nd day of the month at 06:18Z
Aircraft: Air Force Aircraft (Last 3 digits of the tail number are 301)
Tropical Depression: Number 5 (flight in the North Atlantic basin)
Mission Number: 2
Observation Number: 07

Mandatory Data...

Observation Time: Tuesday, 6:13Z
Radar Capability: Yes
Aircraft Altitude: Below 10,000 meters
Coordinates: 20.6N 96.3W
Location: 150 miles (242 km) to the SE (138°) from Tampico, Tamaulipas, México.
Turbulence: None
Conditions Along Flight Route: In clouds all the time (continuous instrument meteorological conditions)
Pressure Altitude: 920 meters
Flight Level Wind: From 330° at 11 knots (From the NNW at ~ 12.6 mph)
- The above is a spot wind.
- Winds were obtained using doppler radar or inertial systems.
Flight Level Temperature: 21°C
Flight Level Dew Point: 19°C
Weather (within 30 nautical miles): Thunderstorm(s)
925 mb Surface Altitude: 778 geopotential meters

Remarks Section...

Surface Wind Speed (likely by SFMR): 26 knots (~ 29.9mph)